Friday, 20 May 2011

Stuff what I've done


Tis a busy ole day tomorrow with lots of magic shows during the day then a birthday party for me! If you missed your invite check facebook. I always think on my birthday we should get a 5 year old to do a magic show (and maybe hire a couple more 5 year olds to stand at the back and talk loudly...).

More shows on Sunday then down to Dublin for the Comedy Crunch in Shebeen Chic for a sort of Birthday comedy night with 3 acts all having a birthday over the weekend. Should be fun. Might go down in Magic George mode and do my kid shtick.
They'll never notice.

I'm hopefully bouncing back after a bit of a lull. I think I've lost my mojo somewhat. I haven't been doing badly I just know I can do a lot better. After a pretty good run in the crunch the last one wasn't quite up to scratch. I had thrown in a few old bits I hadn't tried in Dub before but I think it was more due to my confidence being a little low. I met Damian Clark going home from that gig and he knew where I was at "it goes in waves and everytime you come out of a dip you're stronger" he said. Which was a nice thing to hear. Then we both agreed that you don't learn much from your good gigs and we parted. Good ole Damo.

Had a great show at a wedding for adults recently. In fact, adult shows outside the comedy circuit seem to be going great so I think the stand up is really beginning to pay off in my magic act. Which is good!

Failed Human

I was recently interviewed for Morgan Hearst's excellent podcast
Go here:

Magic George interview on

And after you check out mine go through the back catalogue. He really does put a lot of work into them and they're very well done.

Free routine

Childrens entertainers: here is a routine that packs small and plays big and is actually out of my working repertoire. I submitted it recently to James Munton's New site for magicians; Magic Bistro. It will only cost you a couple of quid to put together too.
After you read the routine have a look about there's some good stuff there.

Magic George's routine on

I say children's routine, you might be able to do this for adults with the right adjustments. I may well try that myself in the near future.

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