Thursday, 3 February 2011

An old fresh twenty

I went to see Joe Lycett, AFKATBF Adam Laughlin and Steve Hughes at Queens last night. All were brilliant.
Fantastic night. Though, it's always a little depressing when you see such polished brilliant acts and rerealise for the umpteenth time you've such a long way to go.

I've been putting together a 20 minute spot for my next couple of gig gigs (rather than MC gigs) The first of which will be in the Menagerie this Sunday:!/event.php?eid=119736144767050
Thanks to Lorcan, Marcus and Ruaidhri for having me on. I was delighted to be invited. This gig should be belter, get yourself down

And after that McHughs:!/event.php?eid=142012719193568
And thanks again to Ruaidhri for that.

Anyhow, it seems to be coming along nicely. It's an old fresh twenty because I have a ton of material from MCing that has been tested once or twice but got a good response. I try to do new stuff when MCing which can backfire quite often but you also uncover a few gems (almost) every time and these build up. I save them as word documents in a filing system that is based on vague notions. I'm trying to transfer them all to evernote and into a searchable database. It'll never happen.

So I'm digging out the gems, polishing them up a bit and trying to link them all together into a logical order to form a valid 20 minute act. I'm doing more magic in it than usual.

I'll keep about 7-10 minutes of the old set in there two to keep it safe for starters.

I'm going to be doing more magic this year in my act, I think. People do love the magic. I used to think it was a bit of a cop out and although I'm glad I tried a lot of straight stand up to prove to myself that I don't need a prop in my hand to hold a crowd I think I should realise that prop work is my forte. Once a clown...

Also I'm pretty certain it's quite a niche. There are a few comedy magicians about but I haven't seen any with a particularily similair style to mine.
We don't have a modern day Tommy Cooper do we? Joe Pasquale? C'mon!

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