Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Learning stuff you already know.

I haven't told anyone I'm writing this blog. I haven't decided whether it's interesting enough to start linking up to yet. Just wanted to get into the swing of writing it first. Maybe this will be the one. Who knows? Exciting

Stand Up:
My opener didn't go down well at my last gig.  I knew it was a bad opener as soon as I did it.
Good openers work miracles. The gig before I made a bottle of Buckfast appear out of a balloon.
That’s a good opener, peoples can see you’re not messing about and get onboard.
My bad opener was some surreal nonsense about the song “ Dub be good to me” using  a pot of Robinson’s Jam and an electric thermometer. I kind of had a punchline (I found out how hot Jam hot actually is (it’s not that hot)) but it was in the middle of the piece and anyone under 30 must’ve just thought I’d lost it.
I shouldn’t open with surrealism. For me it’s best to slip a bit in after I’ve definitely won them over. 
I’m sure I knew that anyhow. I must’ve forgotten.
I’ve more jokes to write for Monday. I’ve 3 done. I need 15

Magic George:
He's on form he's got some new colourful trousers and some braces and thinks he can get some comedy from getting tangled in them etc.
I already get about 10 minutes with just my hat. I'll soon be able to do the whole show with just what I'm wearing.
Not really, where would I keep my monkey? Be fun to design a show like that though.

 And also:
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