Friday, 21 January 2011

First Post. Well last if you're reading from the top

Everyone has a blog except me. Well I used to have one but it was mostly about my cat. Never fear, it died! I've a new one now. (Blog & cat)

I've been a professional children's entertainer for about 12 years and 2 years ago decided to try and break into to the adult market with an adult show. Rather than throw a load of "comedy" tricks together and start selling a show straight away I decided to test my chops on the open mic comedy circuit.

So this blog will be about going from children's entertainer to stand-up comedian/comedy magician. (Hence the title). It would've been a lot better to start this blog 2 years ago when I began but hey, I only thought of it now. So the blog will be all Tarantinoey with present day stuff and flashbacks to when I was starting out.

Anyhow, that's what I'll be doing, but not today, I'm off out.

But come back.

Cos I will have actual things to say.

Really interesting things.

I hope.

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